Scribbles:A Creation Story

The world always was, and always shall be. But many things have come to pass in that endless time.

The One buried itself in the Earth as a seed, and brought forth many branches from it. Each branch thrust forth from the earth and seemed as a tree. But all came from the same seed.

And the One said, "Let me tend to each branch differently, so that the world may be filled with beautiful things of many colors." And the One turned its attention to a branch and said "Grow." And each branch in turn grew, and brought forth different flowers.

And the One came to our branch and said "Grow." And branch grew strong and ran deep with hot flowing sap. The sap spilled from the wood of the branch and began to crystallize into forms. And from each form came a virtue, and one to tend it. The One smiled and turned to another branch.

One form reflected the moonlight and made it solid, shot with pale green. From this came sazh and arose the Jade Mother. And she said "Let there be consorts so I might awaken warmth of desire and feel the sweet taste of love on my tongue." Thus she brought forth the Ember Man and the Honey Maiden.

One form was hard and dark, born in the bones of the earth. From this came sakol and arose Father Iron. And he said "Let there be tools so I might shape matter, weather the storm and measure what is excellent." Thus he brought forth the hammer, the gauntlet and the rule.

One form spun into endless strands which wove themselves into fabric. From this came delram and arose the Twins in Silk Robes. And they said to one another, "Let us design many clever things, so that there guidance in the darkness, paths in the wilderness and purpose on which to build experience." Thus 'bogashi, whose name is genius, brought forth the allegory of shapes, the mysteries of crafting words and alchemy of numbers. And thus did her brother 'timi, whose name is wisdom, bring forth the riddle of steel, the crucible of time and the sharing of the lens.

One form gave up its form and became echoing sounds of laughter. From this came eyama and arose the Protean. And the Protean said "I am, and therefore, I am amused."

And they came together and called the Protean to be the harbinger of their virtues. And the Protean walked among the crowds, looking onto the people and laying the virtues upon them. "You shall bear sakol like a yoke" the Protean might say to one. "You shall speak sazh so that others may be ignited with Her beauty" the Protean might say to another. And thus was the seeds of the four were planted far and wide.

But to the heart of each the Protean whispered, "Your power and blessing shall be shared in the arms of your brethren, so that seeds may be brought together to be a garden. When you share your breath, braid together your hair, taste each other's lips and share in each other's song, you shall be complete. Then you shall truly be the children of jade, iron, silk and laughter. But without one another, you shall be a child of ash and fallen from grace."

And thus was our charge given to us and our path to Rapture illuminated, from those born of the sap of the One's tree.