Scribbles:Meditations Between Student and Master

The student approached the Master.

"Does God speak to us?" "Yes." "What does God tell us?" "God says one thing to one person, and a different thing to another." "Which is right?" "It is enough that God speaks."

"What is truth?" "Truth is far less than one would expect."

"Master, is God a healer?" "When we succor, God is a healer. When we build, God is a carpenter. When we strike, God is a warrior. When we oppress, God is a terrorist. Which God would you prefer?"

"Does God hate those who do not believe?" "God's relationship with one is between that they and they alone."

"Is there life after death, Master?" "We cannot know until we are masters of life before death." --- "Master, am I my brother's keeper?" "We must keep our brethen. But we must not horde them."

The Student approached the Master. "Master, is there such a thing as a just war?" "Yes", the master said, "there is just war." "Is there such a thing as a righteous war?" "No. There is no righteous war." "Does God hear my prayers?" "Only when you understand your prayers."

"How do we plant the seeds of righteousness in others?" "Seeds are planted in the ground. It is to others to gather their fruit."