Mother Night embraces you now.

Whether you like it or not, you are changed, no longer fully a part of the sun-soaked world that you knew before. And now, you must understand.

Light bred in the fusion-core of a star is the most potent force in the universe. As every college biology class reminds us, the sun is the source of all life and energy on this planet.

Sunlight washes out all other traces of power, just as it washes out the stars in the background of the sky during the day. Not only does it feed plants and animals, it fuels perceptions, ideas and possibilities.

Nothing can exist but the force of daylight while the sun is up. Nighttime, however, is a different state of affairs. The veil of night shines down on us with a cacophony of starshine from a billion suns, mixed in with the reflected glow of the moon. In this time of half-tones, the world is more fluid. That instability is a wedge that splits the seams of our world. This is why people fear the night – under the stars, Mother Nature is a schizophrenic.

Some of us fall through those cracks. We become self-willed nightmares, figments in Mother Night’s diseased imagination. That is what you are now. You are an artwork of moonlit apparitions and twilight fantasies. You are a Nocturne.

Each of us a unique creature. However, there are some things that are true for all of us.

In the light of day, we are all diminished. It oppresses us with It’s colors and expectations. From dawn to dusk, we are as everyone around us - mundane.

At dusk, our true natures begin to slowly reassert themselves. Our bodies change, our gifts fade back into existence. When the sky is dark again, we are at our full power. We do not hunger, nor do we age at night. And when the sun drifts above the horizon, we are returned to our prison of mediocrity.

Beyond that, our distinct attributes are legion. There are those who change with the phases of the moon, their nature and power like the tides. Some speak to ghosts or invades the minds of others. Others have resurrected ancient magics to plumb the depths of the shadows, while still others have forged new occults the like have never been seen on the face of the earth. And some simply change in ways that can never be quantified.

In the pale of night, we dance. We create dark fairy castles and spin webs of fancy. We must hide our visions and ourselves, however, for we cannot withstand the light of day. In the glare of noon, we are defenseless. All we can do is bide our time until night falls again.