Allocosm Wiki now available

I have gotten a wiki in place for my Allocosm domain that contains a number of the projects I have worked on. A lot of the pages on the wiki are just small blurbs for various things. However, a number of the pages on conlangs go into deeper detail or have links to places that have deeper detail. There are a few very old conlangs on there, and there are ‘works-in-progress’ pages for two of my current conlang projects (both personal projects – no paid commissions at the moment. Alas.)

The wiki is at

Inaugural Post of new blog

Well, here I am with a new blog. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use it. My hope is that I’ll be writing a bit more on various topics. I don’t have a real theme in mind, so I am as likely to talk about conlangs or gaming as I am to post a long stream of consciousness rant about the nature of the universe.

This wordpress blog has a few ‘formats’ of posts (quote, status, aside, etc.) that I’ll be playing with for various things. We’ll see how that works out. I also will be reposting some old stuff from previous blogs just to have them out there, as it were.