Arete glyphs

From Allocosm

The Arete glyphs were an orthography I created for a personal project named the Aretenomicon (Book of Skilled Names), involving the AR game Ingress.

This was during the beta of Ingress, before many of the standard features in the game today existed (just before the Ingress glyphs were added to the game and far before achievement badges were a feature of the game). The Seattle Enlightened Community was low in morale due to the overwhelming dominance of the Resistance in the area at the time. I began a project with an anonymous Google+ account. I would scrape activity data and award my glyphs to those who were tops in various categories, or who achieved certain things. Later, I created an alphabet for writing usernames in the format of the glyphs (this site's logo is one that says "Veronica").

Ultimately, the manual nature of the project became too onerous, and Ingress added their own glyphs and, later, achievement badges. So I ended the project.