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Ilathid'hi was created for Ages of Ilathid, a fan-produced game based in the Myst franchise of video games. The language is the language of the people of the same name (which translates into "children of Ilathid").

Ilathid'hi is intended to have vague hints of the D'ni language from Myst series, so it has the same characteristic use of the apostrophe. Some of the grammar is inspired by D'ni as well. D'ni writing conventions require that punctuation be marked at the beginning

Ilathid'hi is one of my earliest conlangs, and thus is the result of a lower level of linguistic savvy and less sophisticated sensibilities in terms of conlanging. A number of the names (like the name of the language) were created by those behind the project, so they were not created with linguistic insight. Neither was the language made with an eye towards naturalism. Keep that in mind as you explore what is here.

For this project, I created a rudimentary grammar, and some lexicon. The orthography was created by someone else, but I created a font for it.