Ilathid'hi/Tower Journal

From Allocosm

- This document is written to honor those who suffered from The War.
Someone wrote this document in order to they honor those who suffered from the war
.b'lor umah hee yeetov yah hetrahlee umah heebei sei ko onehgehleh quah hu unaht

- When the Tholk'dhi attacked, it spelled doom for all Ilathid.
when the Tholk'dhi attacked, this doomed all Ilathid.
.log koplor hu tholk'dhi, ogutenor hee gox Ilathid

- Out of nowhere, unprovoked, their forces swept into our peaceful harbors,
From no-place, when unprovoked, their military forces invaded our peaceful harbors
.qua v'lehtahm, log v'lornehgamokha, kaplor nutahg'emeit huyutei'eneit sodhonei,

- sowing destruction among our serene ports and leaving few to tell the tale.
they planted destruction among our serene ports and they allowed few who were able to tell the tale.
dus'stor emei kolupahneh hiwi yotpleevei'eneit sogodhei kom wehlor emei kivei sei pof'th hu furoth

- Widows bewail those who died in the attack.
widows lament those who died from the attack.
.rahleimee r'mahsei heebei sei misor quah hu koplahneh

- Men rest on The Day of Remembrance,
men rest on the day of rememberance,
yunee log hu kano d'orklunahneh kehsei,

- and weep shamelessly for those who suffered at the hands of the attackers.
and they weep unashamedly for those who suffered from the attackers.
.kom ir'mee v'lehd'budhnu dhee heebei onehgor quah hu koplovahnei

- After crippling our ships, and trapping our navigators in their burning hulks, they landed their army and started a rampage on land.
After they crippled our ships and they trapped our navigators in these burning hulks, their army disembarked and this rampaged on land
.duv reequahdor ehmei vehplei'ehneit kom d'quor ehmei ipendovahnei'ehneit quah hei dugranei tholkopei, pleevquotor nutag'ehmeit kom nogehtor hee wi nehs

The death and destruction...the ferocity of their attack...shall live on forever in our memories,
The death-and-destruction...the ferocity from their attack... this will always live in our memory.
.hu misikolupahneh... hu pleik qua koplahn'ehneit... zahlog hee wi klon'eneit

never to be forgotten.
we will not forget this
.v'leheixog enei hee

Scorpions, catapults, and rams punched holes in our buildings.
scorpions, catapults and rams pierced our buildings.
.ehkahdor gexlathei ko dehltruthovahnei kom ahk'planonahn bogovei'eneit

Swords and arrows exterminated blameless people.
Swords-and-arrows murdered unblamed people.
.s'muror feizahmiwahkhei evei v'ledhubehlokhei

The Tholk'dhi slaughtered wherever they wished, spilling innocent blood, the same blood that cried out to us who survived.
The tholk'dhi murdered in any place that they wished. they spilled innocent blood. this blood screamed to us that survived.
.s'muror hu tholk'dhi qua eino tahm sah fahshor ehmei .ud'ltor ehmei sehr luhahs .keetor hee sehr wi enei sei eizehlor

We raised defenses,
we built defenses
.veibor ehnei ahkhehlmei

erecting walls out of the blood-stained rubble which once had been our homes.
we built walls with the bloody rubble that these were our homes.
.veibor ehnei nehmei hug hu theiri sehronah sah kahror hei biv'ehneit

As the battle dragged on, their attacks grew stronger.
while the battle was continuing, their attacks grew thus these were stronger.
.log ko hu neito lehgahnodo, ilozor kolahnei'ehmeit yah kahror hei groleiholei

We despaired, but the winds came to our aid,
We weeped. But, the wind arrived in order these aid us.
.ir'mor ehnei .o ehquor hu ben yah fehtor hei ehnei

howling for revenge, increasing in strength, tearing apart the vessels of the enemy…
they screamed for revenge. They grew to be stronger. They tore the ships of our enemy
.keetor ehmei dhee nugahdh .ilozor ehmei yah kahror hei groleiholei .mogahnor ehmei hu vehplei d'nivutah'ehnt

and yet… the attacks continued… and at last we had to flee.
yet, the attacks continued. we had to flee, finally.
.tho, lehgahnor hu koplahnei .vuqueizehl ehnei tahdnu

The men and women of Ilathid were valiant and courageous, and they died honorably.
The men-and-women of Ilathid were valiant and they were courageous. They died with honor.
.kahror hu kehsizomei d'ilathid luhahn kom kahror ehmei eilhein .misor ehmei wi hehl

All citizens aided in the defense, but we were outmatched
All citizens helped with the defense, but they overmatched us.
.fehtor hug hu ahkhehlm gox sehvehnei, o weivind'thor ehmei ehnei

and, with regret, we at last decided our only hope of survival was to evacuate…
and, from regret, we decided that our only hope for survival was evacuation...
.kom, hug r'munaheh, fehpor ehnei sah kahror eim hosahl'ehneit dhee eizehlahneh queizehlahneh

Those who died will be remembered forever.
We will always remember they that they died.
.oklunog ubahth ehnei ehmei sei ehmei misor

Their stories live on in the memories of those whose lives they saved.
Their stories live in the memories of they that they saved
.zahlee qua klonei d'ehmei sei khehmor ehmei

May they rest in peace...knowing that their people are secure.
may they rest in peace... while they know that their people are secure.
.yunee heim qua sodh ehmei ...log ehyee ehmei sah kahror evei'ehmeit sehthei